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At the Cambridge Baking Company, we’re all about making baking as easy and enjoyable as possible. We also care a lot about the environment.

How many times have you bought a whole load of ingredients for baking only to throw them out, long after the ‘best before’ date has passed? Our home baking kits come with pre-weighed ingredients, meaning that there’s no waste, and even less washing up (always a perk!) You will just need to add an egg (or eggs for brownies) and some butter.

As a 2021 start-up, we’ve considered environmental impact of our business from the offset. From our box suppliers, to the biodegradable bubble wrap and string we use attach our labels to the bottles with, we’ve opted for more eco-friendly options wherever possible, even when that means it costs us more. Our ingredient mixes also come in reusable, glass milk bottles.

Whether you’re keeping the lockdown boredom at bay, or sending the perfect gift to someone you can’t see right now – happy baking!

Our business address is: 287 Huddersfield Road, Diggle, Oldham, OL3 5PJ.